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Little Red

I’ve a big personality with the desire to engage and entertain using food.

Food and eating are an all-encompassing experience. I create dishes that are hearty, comforting, hand-made from scratch, and beautiful.

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Dinner Party Catering
Tell us what you like, and chefs will respond to you with custom menus for your event. The chef will do all the shopping, prep work, cooking, and cleaning so you can enjoy quality time with your guests.

Small Cooking Classes
For individual lessons or group cooking parties in the comfort of your own kitchen! After the lesson you’ll get to feast on whatever you prepare! The chef takes care of everything, from shopping to cleanup.

Canapé Events
For beautiful canapé events we offer a full menu of bite sized canapés with punch above their weight flavours. Should you wish for canapés unique to your event Food by Little Red can offer a bespoke service be it for more substantial finger food, connecting with a theme or meeting specific dietary requirements.

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